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Unleash Your Inner Superwoman Entrepreneur

Do you have ideas for a business but not sure which one would work best for you? Or maybe you have been trying different side-businesses to see what you can succeed in, but nothing has really taken off?

The key to success in business is a combination of discovering what you were made for aka your superpowers in business AND having an aligned plan of action to you are committed to.

In this course, I will be guiding you through a discovery of YOU to uncover your superpowers in business, gaining clarity in how to design a business around them and teaching you my simple “Superwoman Entrepreneur” business model that you can take action on and create your dream business now!


Maribel - Photo Feb 09
Maribel - Photo Feb 09

Superwoman Entrepreneur Success System

The simple 3-part business model for mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to make a difference AND still have a life they love!

Have you been working really hard on your business and haven’t been able to reap the rewards of all your efforts? Are you tired of all the complicated models and just want a simple business doing what you love AND the freedom you craved when you got started in business?

In this course, I will be teaching you my “Superwoman Entrepreneur” business model that includes my step-by-step systems I have put in place, the tools that I use to run my business and my secret sauce for success that will support you in getting results FASTER than you ever expected! PLUS, I’m giving you all my templates to easily apply this model to your business right away.



Maribel - Photo Feb 09

Done-For-You Marketing Templates

For mission-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to amp up their business with online event-based marketing.

Are you great at what you do but struggle with marketing yourself? I mean, who has hours, and hours of time to spend learning how to use design tools and creating simple graphics? We get it. Unless you love to design beautiful marketing materials, like we do, it’s no fun and a big waste of time for an entrepreneur who has other gifts.

Our gift IS marketing and designing materials that represent our clients. And we want to help MORE solopreneurs, coaches, authors, speakers and transformational leaders with sharing their work with marketing materials that represent them and they are proud to share. Now you can skip the hard part of designing and apply the simple Dream Launch Marketing Plan using these “done-for-you” templates. They also include demonstration videos for you to easily apply them to your business.


YDL Marketing Virtual Assistant

For mission-driven entrepreneurs who want support with a Virtual Assistant to implement online event-based marketing.

Are you too busy to find, train and hire a virtual assistant? I understand that frustration myself and spent many years training my own team to be able to work with my VIP clients to save them from that headache. We could just dive in and build out all the systems and automation that 6 & 7-figure online business needs.

But what about all those who aren’t ready to invest 5-figures for a full strategy and team, and just need some support building their business to get to that level? Now we can help you too!

BONUS: Our Virtual Assistant packages include the Dream Launch Marketing Plan “done-for-you” templates. Your virtual assistant will apply them to your business and you get to keep them for future updates.


Maribel - Photo Feb 09
Maribel - Photo Feb 09

Done-With-You VIP Marketing & Private Consulting

Designed for the 6-figure+ entrepreneur who is ready to scale with online leveraged programs, online event launches and affiliate partnership programs.

My team and I will work with you to design your 12-month Dream Business Plan, including custom marketing plan, design and layout of your online events, and put the systems in place to work for you (not the other way around). If you are ready to implement simple systems, event-based marketing, and automation that guides your tribe in next steps and provides a high-touch experience that nurtures and encourages repeat sales – then, I invite you to apply for a spot.

Limited spots. This package is a 5-figure investment.


You can make your business peaceful, playful, and prosperous.

If you’re always chasing the latest strategies, setting up hundreds of emails and implementing countless strategies, there is a better way.