About Maribel

Maribel Jimenez

Maribel Jimenez simplifies event-based marketing to help entrepreneurs and transformational leaders create the launch of their dreams. Her background as a best-selling author, international speaker, business coach, and in-demand marketing launch strategist enables her to assist business owners in showcasing and highlighting their offerings in new and innovative ways. Maribel’s expertise-centered marketing philosophy places the client at the center of it all – she believes her client’s gifts, knowledge, and experience are their contribution to the world.

Maribel knew from a young age that she wanted to help entrepreneurs create their own business success.

Growing up Entrepreneur

Growing up, Maribel worked long hours in her parents’ baby clothing business. She loved the thought of providing families with clothing that helped create photos and memories that last a lifetime. And she came to understand and appreciate the positive economic impact her parent’s business had on the local community. Maribel knew from a young age that she wanted to use the lessons she learned selling rompers and onesies to help entrepreneurs and transformational leaders create their own business success.
Maribel - Photo Feb 09

Founder + CEO

Fast forward to today, where Maribel is the Founder and CEO of Your Dream Launched and Superwoman Entrepreneur.

For the past 11 years, she’s been coaching, advising, and educating entrepreneurs and business owners across a variety of industries on how to develop event-based marketing strategies that connect and engage. Maribel’s goal each and every day is to walk side-by-side with you as you bring your dreams to life.

At Your Dream Launched we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your time struggling with your marketing. It should be simple and work for you.

Our experts utilize strategies that are designed to take the stress out of marketing and create a plan that gives you back the time you need to focus on those other important things in life. Our marketing experts will create the perfect plan for you and your business

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